Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our favorite Hitchcock Movies #10

Written by: Nightmare Child

The best way to watch Hitchcock's THE LADY VANISHES is with a laptop (or mini-dvd player) on an Amtrak train. Perhaps with a cup of coffee in your hand. What is THE LADY VANISHES about anyway? Well it's about a woman named Iris who befriends an older lady on a train. Iris is on her way back to England. Sadly her train is delayed by an avalanche that has blocked the railway tracks. Once the avalanche clears, Iris begins preparing for her journey. While on her way to the train, Iris gets hit over the head by an unknown shadow. It's apparently obvious that something is not right. That's when Miss Froy comes in. Miss Froy is an elderly lady who has worked some years abroad as a governess. Both Miss Froy and Iris board the train together. Getting to know each other by making coversation.

When Iris takes a nap on the train, she awakens later and discovers that Miss Froy has gone missing. Was she kidnapped? Or is it just in Iris' head? The question of whether or not Miss Froy actually existed is just one of the many mysteries in Hitchcock's THE LADY VANISHES. The mysterious plot is the very thing that sucks you in from the start. THE LADY VANISHES is one of Hitchcock's best mysteries that keeps you glued to the couch until the very end. The movie was Hitchock's penultimate film made in the UK before his move to Hollywood years later. It was the great success of THE LADY VANISHES, after a slump of three films that were not hits, that made it possible for Hitchcock to negotiate a very good deal to work in the States. The film was also remade in 1979 by Hammer Studios. THE LADY VANISHES is full of suspense, mystery and humor. It's a great film to watch; especially when you're on a train yourself.

I will admit the film does get a little far fetched towards the end. There's an intense build up for the reveal, and when you do figure out what's going on, it's hard to believe. Luckily that doesn't spoil the entire experience. See THE LADY VANISHES if you haven't already.

CAMEO NOTE: Hitchcock is known to make quiet cameo appearances in most of his movies. Here Hitchcock shows up an hour and a half into the film (near the end). He can be seen in the Victoria Station, wearing a black coat and smoking a cigarette. It's a quick one, so look carefully.

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