Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The State of Horror - New Project in the Works

It pains me to see how the horror genre is today. When something seems to grow in popularity, it eventually becomes "quantity over quality." Like the latest 15 minute trends and the "Wienergate" scandals we hear all over the news. Nobody likes to talk about the real issues. This is where I put my foot down. I've been in love with the horror genre ever since I was a kid, so I have to pour my thoughts and explain why I've been so absent these last few months. The truth is, I've been losing interest in the horror genre for quite sometime now; Which is why I haven't been keeping up with this blog. My passion for the genre is fading away. Remakes are continuing to earn big bucks at the box office, and it just sickens me. Almost every network has a vampire related show on TV. These cookie cutter MTV branded movies like TWILIGHT, THE ROOMMATE and RESIDENT EVIL (and its stupid fucking sequels) don't cut it for me. Jackie Earl Haley is NOT Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees shouldn't be treated like Leatherface's dimwitted cousin. Not only are these movies lame, but people are lame for actually being that fucking brain dead to buy tickets and see them. Nobody seems to be trying anymore.

Originality is almost non-existent. The plot for SCREAM 4 mirrors exactly the way horror is today. Hollywood is nothing more than a product. It's a business, not a passion project. It's all about the money. Reviews and general movie-goer feedback don't matter. If it makes money, the profiteers wont give a shit how you feel. It's not like they ever would anyway. Why do you think Rob Zombie made a sequel to HALLOWEEN? Why does Sony continue to not put any effort into their genre pictures? Because it's never about the fan base. There are some exceptions to this, but they're so few and far in between. I follow politics more than I do horror movies now. It's a damn shame. As much as I hate the way the genre is going, I haven't lost complete faith. I watched a trailer for John Carpenter's new flick (THE WARD) and I couldn't help but think, "my god Carpenter is returning to form?" This is amazing! There is some hope for the future, and that's what inspired me to start writing again. As much as I can't stand remakes and teen vampire romances, the classics will always be there for me. I'll always have the old films on hand, in case I need that moral support.

I'm looking into a fresh start. "Horror-Fanatics" has been great to me, and I'll always appreciate the friends I've made and the opportunities I've had thanks to the site. Including the review quotes I've managed to land on DVD covers. Landing the back quote on GUTTERBALLS was my favorite. I'll never forget that. Horror-Fanatics has opened up many doors for me. Sadly the door for HF itself is closing. I'm experimenting with some ideas which include a podcast format, because I plan to keep my work alive through blogs and online radio shows. Seeing how I've been into politics lately, I'm brainstorming on ways to combine politics with horror movies. Long time fans of the genre will get the idea, seeing how a lot of the classics reflect the times in which they were made. Any film in George Romero's catalog are a perfect example of this. Running a website is fun, but it's just too much work. I have a child to raise and a family to support, so my work won't be as timely as it was before. However I won't be digging my grave anytime soon.

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