Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My GORY Valentine

Last week I reviewed the Special Edition DVD for the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE. I've officially named this version of the movie MY GORY VALENTINE, because this is some sick shit. Originally before this film came out, the MPAA hacked it to pieces so that way it can get to theatres with an R rating. Seeing as to how the MPAA has changed over the years, Paramount and Lionsgate have re-released MY BLOODY VALENTINE with all the cut footage put back in. Granted, it's definitely an improvement. The theatrical cut had this "Halloween" feel to it where you never really got to see any gore. It was more about suspense rather than the violence. Now, that's all gone with this version. This is what we were originally meant to see, and now it feels like Friday the 13th's evil step brother. This version (still R rated) is gory as fuck. Don't believe us? Check out these delicious screen shots:

Trust me, this is just a taste of what's in the full version. It's fucking brutal! For my full in depth review of the Special Edition DVD just head over to the site.

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