Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The RE5 demo is out

The demo for RESIDENT EVIL 5 is available in the Xbox Live marketplace. Now fans will get the chance to shoot some infected with Chris Redfield and his new partner. We've seen trailers and clips from the game, but this was out first hands on. It's not even the full game, and it's still really fun. RE5 is fucking fantastic! The controls are familiar, the graphics are sweet and I'm willing to bet the story is going to knock our socks off. The controls are almost identical to RE4. Right away I was comfortable with the aiming and running. Using items however is a learning curve. Now you can quick grab items, heal yourself (or your partner) and pick up items to give to your partner. Single play works out very well. The AI does its job. Whenever you're low at health, your partner heals you up almost right away. The catch to this is that you have to do the same. You have to work together and save each other whenever possible.

Playing online and split screen co-op works very well too. I was wondering how they would work out the co-op for a RESIDENT EVIL game, and Capcom has nailed it. There are no interruptions and if you've played LEFT4Dead, you know how vital it is to help out your partners. RE5 works the same way. Help one another, or be killed. The first mission in the demo has you running into a village where an execution is taking place. The enemies spot you, and you have to hold them off inside of a small building. This scenario was fun when you had to control Leon Kennedy, but now, it's even more intense. More enemies come after you (even hopping over fences) along with the "executioner," who wields a giant axe. The second level in the demo has Chris and Sheva working together again. This time it's to take care of the chainsaw wielding maniac you see in the trailer. If you use the sniper rifle and explosive barrels to your advantage, you should take him out no problem.

If you haven't tried out the RE5 demo, do it now before the exclusive ends! This game is fucking awesome. -Nightmare Child

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