Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nintendo's Wii no longer kid friendly?

The Wii now has violent video games? WOW! THAT'S A SHOCKER! The problem with that is it's OLD FUCKING NEWS.

Now I forgot where this came from, but it was on the Yahoo! front page yesterday. Some Internet news source or blog had an article up basically condemning Nintendo's "kid friendly" for having a uber-violent video game made available for the platform. It comes in the form of SEGA's MadWorld, a violent over-the-top beat 'em in which you control Jack, a contestant on a grisly TV show where you kill others in the most bizarre and twisted way. The person that wrote this article blames Nintendo for killing their family friendly image. What this person fails to realize is that Nintendo has marketed the console for "everyone" of every age group. And yes that's even for the sick and twisted fucks like us who love fantasy. Because that's all video games really are, fantasy. You can make the most fucked up gory game in the world and it'll always be considered fantasy. It's not real, and I seriously doubt that a video game will drive someone to the point of insanity. What this person also fails to realize is that this isn't the first mature game for Nintendo's "kid friendly" platform.

Remember MANHUNT 2? I'm sure you do. It was all over the news because of its level of violence. MEDAL OF HONOR: HEROES 2 had you in the front lines shooting Nazis. RESIDENT EVIL 4 is a pretty violent game which has you shooting mad villagers in the head. Same with RE: UMBRELLA CHRONICLES. In that game you shoot zombies and giant monsters in the head. More importantly, NO MORE HEROES was an exclusive game for the platform, and I didn't see that in the news. NO MORE HEROES had gore, loads of blood and even foul language. HOUSE OF THE DEAD: OVERKILL has the most foul language. OVERKILL drops thousands of f-bombs, and nobody made a big deal about that. I could list more games, but I think you get the point already. What makes MadWorld any different from all the other mature Wii games? These are third party titles meaning Nintendo themselves didn't make them, so why even put the blame on them?

I'm sure you already figured this by now, but making these kind of complaints towards Nintendo is a complete waste of time. Somebody needs to wake up and smell the fucking coffee. The reason why you're starting to see more mature games for the console is because of the backlash from Wii owners who felt that they weren't being heard. The Wii is full of party games and ports, and the hardcore fan base was growing tired of the endless line of kiddy games. For the older fans, MadWorld is a breath of fresh air. Crying and complaining about Nintendo's mature line up is pointless. Who ever wrote this article needs to grow up, and get a new fucking job.

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