Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not looking forward to Zombie's H2

Why? Because I hated the first film. It's as simple as that. The Halloween remake made a lot of money at the box office, but that doesn't make it a good movie. It was horrible. The script was horrible, the acting was horrible and the natural progression was flat out horrible. And I thought The Fog remake was bad. This shit is even worse. Unlike the viewers that did enjoy it, I'm not easy to please. You can make a movie as bloody, loud and crazy as you want, but if the story makes no sense, then it fails. I don't understand all the press and hype that surrounds this film.
I have no intentions to see it whatsoever.
Rob Zombie butchered the franchise and ruined it for a lot of fans. The majority of the reviews for the movie (especially from all the horror based sites) were negative; including my own. I hated what I saw. It was a Devil's Reject sequel with Michael Myers thrown into the fire. Rob Zombie's Halloween is perfect for little kids who have little to no knowledge on the genre whatsoever. What I hate even more than the film is all the little tweens who think that it's better than the original. You must be on some strong fucking shit to think that it's better than the John Carpenter movie. I officially declare you little shits mentally retarted.

I guess if you treat as a popcorn flick, then it's not so bad (but still pretty terrible). It's like a Michael Bay film; mindless entertainment. After seeing this, I watched The Island again to see if I made bad judgement. The Unrated DVD for Zombie's Halloween is even worse than that excuse of a theatrical release. I don't see any reason to have Rob Zombie a sequel other than money. That's all it is; pure bullshit. If Zombie is at it again, the we can expect yet another shitty script and even more awful editing. I'm gonna nit pick here a little when I saw this: You know that new picture online with Michael Myers' mask from H2? It looks like dog shit. It's fucking horrible. That alone makes me not want to see this stupid fucking movie. If Resurrection killed the franchise, then Rob Zombie dug the grave.

I guess I'm not the only one who feels the same way:

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