Friday, April 3, 2009

Raimi returns to horror with Drag Me To Hell

Originally I was going to write this up two weeks ago after I watched the trailer for Drag Me To Hell. I'm making up for it right now by typing what I thought of that same trailer. The reason why horror fans are awaiting this movie is because it's directed by Sam Raimi. The man who brought us Spider-Man, Dark Man, A Simple Plan and the classic Evil Dead trilogy. Fans have been expecting Raimi to direct an Evil Dead 4 for years. But considering that he's been very successful with the Spider-Man franchise, it's not likely to happen (at all). Apparently he's still trying to get things done with the remake for the original Evil Dead. Drag Me To Hell is Raimi's newest film, and it marks his return to the genre which he hasn't touched in 15 years.

The trailer has been out for weeks and can be seen in your local theatre. Surprisingly, the movie looks very good. The plot sort of reminds me of Thinner from Stephen King where a man gets a curse put on him. In Drag Me To Hell a loan officer is ordered to evict an old woman from her home and finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse. When the curse ends, she will die and her soul for burn in hell for all eternity. The plot is interesting, but I'm anxious to see how it will turn out. The trailer is fantastic and I'm so excited to see the movie. I'll be there opening day to see Sam Raimi's historic return to the horror genre!

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