Saturday, May 1, 2010

Halloween 6 Producers Cut screen shots

If you haven't seen the Producer's Cut of HALLOWEEN 6 yet, then I suggest that you do so (s0mehow). I've been wanting to see this cut for years and I patiently waited for Dimension to come out with an official release. Sadly that has yet to happen, and thanks to Disney it may not happen anytime soon. Bootlegs of the Producer's Cut have been selling all over the internet for years. Both in VHS and DVD format. As you would expect, the bootleg quality isn't great - but it's more than worth the cash. After abandoning all hope, we finally gave in. Now we've got our hands on a copy of the infamous original version of HALLOWEEN 6. After giving it a shot, we realized that it was a horrible mistake to wait for Disney to release a proper version. This Producer's Cut is amazing!

It's way better than the theatrical cut. There's more scenes with extended footage and it carries a much darker tone. The music and narration is different as well. We could go on for hours about all the changes, but it's best for you to see it for yourself. I think the biggest difference overall is the actual telling of the story. All the restored footage gives the story a little more flare and maturity. It's violent, though the death scenes in the theatrical cut are slightly better. We prefer a good story over brutality, and H6 is a perfect example. Did you ever wonder what happened to Dr. Loomis at the end of H6? The Producer's Cut shows it all. If you ever get the chance, we highly recommend that you snag yourself a copy. It's definitely worth it. Who doesn't love Michael Myers? Perhaps these screen shots will persuade you:

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