Sunday, May 16, 2010

Night, Dawn, Day, Land, Diary and now Survival!

George Romero's new zombie flick SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD can be seen everywhere. You can watch it in select theaters, on demand and on HDNet. We've had the oppertunity to see the film for ourselves - and to be quite honest, it's not Romero's best film. SURVIVAL contains all the familiar elements that Romero is know for: Flesh eaters, social commentary and a whole lot of zombie gore. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD took place on the very first evening of the zombie apocolypse. DAWN and DAY took place sometime after that. Following different groups on their struggle to survive against the onslaught of zombies. LAND OF THE DEAD was the film that brought Romero back to doing what he did best. Of all the "Dead" films, LAND was the one with the biggest budget. DIARY was short on both the budget and scope, but that didn't stop it from becoming an ejnoyable experience. DIARY went back to the beginning (the where all hell broke loose). SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD is George Romero's newest zombie film. Unlike all the previous film in the "Dead" series, SURVIVAL feels more like a sequel to DIARY.

The film takes place in a desperate, nightmarish world where the dead walk the earth, relentlessly attacking the living. It is the story of Plum Island - a beautiful refuge whose isolation allows two powerful families to maintain a semblance of order in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. But as the inhabitants slowly die off, the two clans become sharply divided: The O'Flynns believe that the undead must be destroyed without exception, while the Muldoons insist that afflicted loved ones be kept "alive" until a cure is found. Into this situation wander a small group of National Guard soldiers who, after robbing the protagonists of the previous film (DIARY), have decided to strike out on their own in an effort to survive.

If it's a Romero zombie movie, then you'll know what to expect.

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