Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bale goes "american psycho" on T4 set

The new TERMINATOR movie is set to hit theatres this year, and it looks awesome. I was pretty disappointed with the scope of TERMINATOR 3, but so far from what I've seen this movie is going to change everything. The ton, the look the feel, everything. This new T-trilogy is going to be different from the others. The latest stills and trailers show off new enemies. Mainly the new cyborg models and that giant "transformer" looking thing. Yesterday I went on youtube and saw a video from The Young Turks about Christian Bale's rant on the set of SALVATION. From what we've gathered from the video, a DP on set walks right into Bale's scene, and man he flips out. Cursing and yelling at the "amateur" DP for ruining the scene. Basically threatening the man's life and career if he kept up the goofy antics. Now, I can understand Bale's rant, but c'mon man he just doesn't stop. Just when you think the scuffle is over, Bale continues to talk trash and gets even angrier. I love Christian Bale, he's one of my favorite actors (he's Patrick fuckin' Bateman for Christs sake), but he needs help controlling that anger.

Here's the Young Turks clip:

Seriously, did he have to go off like that? From the audio, it appears that Bale has all the power on set. The director himself, McG, didn't even see anything that happened, and it feels like he could be bossed around. Is it just me, or did it seem like everybody was afraid to tell him: "dude, chill the fuck out." This happens often on set, people are afraid to open their mouths and set things straight. The bigger the budget, the less important you are, and that's the sad truth. You wouldn't want to piss off your star player, because things could get ugly and he just may walk off the set. Bale took out so much aggression on the guy and honestly, I think he took it to far. The only thing that Bale didn't do was physically hurt the man, or threaten his family. Bale needs help controlling that anger. Get him on Dr. Phil or Oprah. I hear they're great with people.

I think Bale said it best in BATMAN BEGINS: "A guy who dresses up as a bat, clearly has issues."

Seriously man, get some fucking help.

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